CD REVIEW: Ira B. Liss Big Band Jazz Machine - Tasty Tunes

Volume 41/Number 88
January 27, 2017
By CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher 

IRA B. LISS BIG BAND JAZZ MACHINE/Tasty Tunes: You know you've got a winning big band date on your hands when your hand starts doing that pumping, count down thing automatically before you realize it. A long time big band fixture on the SoCal music scene, Liss has been at it so long I'm not sure if he can be called an heir to anybody anymore but he swings like he's his own man throughout. A most certain of a killer listening date, this is sitting down jazz that'll have you leaping out of your chair as he and his all star pals raise the roof beams high taking songs you know and making them sound like nothing you‘ve ever heard before. 

Shaina HouseComment