Ira B. Liss Big Band Jazz Machine
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Tasty Tunes - 2018

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1. You Don't Know What Love Is 6:07

2. Early Autumn (feat. Eric Marienthal) 5:40

3. I Didn't Know What Time It Was (feat. Janet Hammer) 3:28

4. When the Lady Dances (feat. Bob Mintzer) 8:19

5. Oleo 4:52

6. Nature Boy (featuring Holly Hofmann & Janet Hammer) 6:31

7. Manhattan Burn 9:15

8. Over The Ranbow 2:57

9. Mountain Dance 5:52

10. Ya Turn Me On Baby (feat. Janet Hammer) 4:30

11. Recon (feat. Dean Brown) 8:43

Saxophones: Christopher Hollyday, Richard McGuane, Tyler Richardson, David Castel De Oro, Joel Ginsberg, Ross Rizzo Jr. 
Trumpets: Randy Aviles, Mark Nicholson, Peter Green, Collin Reichow, Carlos Roldan
Trombones: Gary Bucher, David Barnard, David Murray, Tim Hall
Piano: Steve Sibley; Bass: Lance Jeppesen; Guitar: Alex Ciavarelli; Drums: Charlie McGhee; Percussion: Mark Lamson; Vocals: Janet Hammer










It's About Time - 2013

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1. Perdido 6:24

2. American Gothic (feat. Steve Steinberg) 6:01

3. Some Other Time (feat. Janet Hammer) 4:50

4. The Salt Shaker (feat. Dean Brown & Bernie Dresel) 9:16

5. Go 'way Moon (feat. Bill Cantos, Janet Hammer &  Nathan Fry) 5:04

6. Four On Six (feat. Dean Brown) 7:51

7. Sally "O" (feat. Eric Marienthal) 6:41

8. That Old Black Magic (feat. Nathan Fry) 4:56

9. The Epitome of the Ballad 3:48

10. Softly as in a Morning Sunrise (feat. Gilbert Castellanos) 7:27

11. When the Sun Comes Out (feat. Janet Hammer) 5:09

12. Glory, Glory (feat. Wayne Bergeron) 6:53

Featuring: Wayne Bergeron, Dean Brown, Bill Cantos, Gilbert Castellanos, Bernie Dresel & Eric Marienthal
Saxophones: Dick McGuane, Glenn Richardson, Tyler Richardson, Steve Steinberg, David Castel De Oro, Ross Rizzo, Jr. 
Trumpets: Randy Aviles, Mark Nicholson, Les Kepics, John Reynolds, Ella Steinberg
Trombones: Gary Bucher, David Murray, David Barnard, Todd Jobin, Jordan Morita, Tim Hall
Piano: Steve Sibley; Bass: Lance Jeppesen; Drums: Charlie "Stix" McGhee; Vocals: Janet Hammer, Nathan Fry

The 18 piece Ira B. Liss Big Band Jazz Machine, a 34 year fixture on the San Diego, CA. jazz scene, voted Best Big Band in San Diego. This 4th CD of this great band features guest artists Wayne Bergeron, Eric Marienthal, Bernie Dresel, Bill Cantos, Dean Brown and Gilbert Castellanos and stellar compositions by Alan Baylock, Chris Braymen, Rob Vuono Jr, Mike Crotty, Peter Herbolzheimer, Bill Cantos, Ray Brown, Tom Garling and Maynard Ferguson. Two highlight tracks on this CD are a previously unrecorded and newly discovered composition by the late Maynard Ferguson entitled, "Glory Glory" featuring the trumpet of MF alum, Wayne Bergeron and a previously unrecorded composition in North America by the late Peter Herbolzheimer, entitled Sally "O" featuring saxophonist Eric Marienthal.



Symphomaniacs - 2003

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1. Bar Talk (3:44)

2. Two Times Again (4:07)

3. Symphomaniacs (5:25)

4. Slippery When Wet (4:25)

5. Camel's Breath Soup (3:41)

6. Future Presents (5:17)

7. Local Loco (3:42)

8. Nice and Greazy (3:06)

9. Between the Lines (3:59)

10. Greasy Kid's Stuff (3:33)

11. Gazpacho (4:54)

Woodwinds: Alan Pruett, Lee Elderton, David Castel De Oro, Ward Baxter, Dan Higgins, Ira B. Liss
Trumpets: Wayne Bergeron, Bill Armstrong, Jeff Bunnel, Mark Nicholson
Trombones: Gary Bucher, Vern Ryker, John Klokow, Tim Hall, Dave Stout
Bass: Lance Jeppersen, Bart Samolis; Drums: Charlie McGhee; Percussion: Scott Breadman; Guitar Carl Verheyen; Keyboards: Dan Radlauer

EverythingUnderTheSunCD Cover.png

Everything Under the Sun - 1999

1. Jump Jive An' Wail

2. Dancing on the Ceiling

3. Can You Read My Mind

4. Sunny Ray Mambo

5. Emily

6. You, The Night and the Music

7. Satin Doll

8. Sing Sing Sing

9. Beautiful Maria

10. Celebration

11. I Concentrate On You

12. My Heart Stood Still

13. Day By Day

14. I'll Be Seeing You

15. You Make Me Feel So Young

16. In the Mood

Ira Liss, conductor
Reeds: Alan Pruett, Lee Elderton, David Castel de Oro, Ward Baxter, Scott Hall
Trumpet: Jeff Beck, Doug Meeuwsen, Randy Aviles, Mark Nicholson, Greg Beck
Trombone: Gary Bucher, Vern Ryker, Ken Foberg, April West, Tim Hall
Piano: Carl Hammond; Guitar: Jim Storey; Bass: Lance Jeppesen; Drums: Charlie McGhee
Vocals: Jimmer Bolden & Karen Gallinger


First Impressions - 1994

First impressions are lasting impressions. It is with that in mind which this musical statement is made; and becomes a lasting impression by the combined efforts of an extraordinary group of talented artists.


First Impressions 1994

1. Nice and Greazy (2:59)

2. Nica's Dream (4:53)

3. Nice 'N Easy (3:42)

4. The Elf (6:27)

5. Angel Eyes (4:46)

6. Ride the Night Beast (4:54)

7. Come Fly With Me (3:06)

8. Put the Capper on It (4:57)

Saxophones: Alan Pruett, Jeff Schmidt, Cathy Stiles, Raul Gonzales, Ira B. Liss
Trumpets: Fred Donolato, Jody Stiles, Geoff Gilbert, Weldon Rooney
Trombones: Gary Bucher, Tim Ornato, Steve Martins, Tim Hall
Piano: Steve Sibley; Bass: Lance Jeppesen; Drums: Charlie McGhee; Vocals: Tom Blair