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Lance Jeppesen


Dr. Lance Jeppesen, a California native, has been playing bass since his early teens. Lance briefly attended Utah State University on a music scholarship but left to the calling of a good road gig. He has played many different genres of music since then and has traveled extensively in his music career throughout North America, before settling in San Diego. He has shared venues with the likes of  Shirley Jones, Shelly Berman, Bernie Dresel, Dean Brown, Eric Marienthal, Bill Acosta to name but a few. He credits his influences being that of Stanley Clarke and Jaco Pastorius as changing his approach towards the bass and as well as music in general. By day, Lance manages a multidisciplinary medical office and practices chiropractic with his wife Jill-Ellen. He has been the bassist in The Ira B. Liss Big Band Jazz Machine since the late 1980’s.